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What’s in Issue 209

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Novel Howie gives Saul, who is on a quest for Audel’s ring, a map of the perilous Verusa sewers. Howie seeks out Bridget just as she, too, is being paid a visit by the sinister Audel: Tamara Sheehan, Tenth Man: chapter 4; chapter 5; chapter 6.
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A library robot is very comfortable in the worship of his creator until he learns that his creator has a Creator of his own, and that breaking the laws of creator and Creator alike leads to consequences that are very human: Bill Bowler, A Robot’s Faith, part 1; conclusion.

Richard flees the Cartel — from flesh to ashes to golden dust: Colin P. Davies, Dust to Dust.

Daniel wanted only five more minutes with Jessica, but it’s too late now: Donna Gagnon, Five Minutes More.

Pipelines are being shut down to repair corrosion? Oh, they’re not? What next? On planet Cerebrus, nature has allies: Steven C. Levi, Bandersnatch George and the Basin Rider Rendezvous, part 1; conclusion.

The cricket of the fable is the life and soul of a country musician: Thomas D. Reynolds, The Fiddler and the Cricket.

The very tiniest things may cause global warming right where you least want it: E. S. Strout, AMANDA.

New contributor J. A. Tyler satirizes soap operas, fallout shelters and world politics. Please tell us it’s a fantasy: When the Lights Go Out Again All Over the World.
When a mayor decides he doesn’t care for certain letters to the editor, he takes direct action: Charles Richard Laing, Editorial Response.

New contributor Dan Malach portrays a couple’s abandonment at the end of their life: Together Forever.

New contributor Allen McGill satirizes televangelists in a kind of brief Elmer Gantry update: Payment in Advance.
Poetry Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Rummy Park: A New Leaf
Thomas D. Reynolds, Invisible Boy
Translation: Jean de La Fontaine, La Cigale et la fourmi: by Don Webb


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Dan Malach, Allen McGill, and J. A. Tyler.
Challenge Challenge 209 goes Dancing Toward Summer’s End.
Letters Clyde Andrews reports Death Threats via Poetry.
Tala Bar writes From the Line of Fire.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Lewayne L. White reviews Gardner Dozois, ed. Galileo’s Children.
Jerry Wright reviews L.E. Modesitt, The Eternity Artifact.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Bewildering Press

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