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by Jerry Wright

Bewildering Press!

I am pleased to announce the existence of (TA DA!) Bewildering Press. Yeah, Don and I have talked about this for YEARS, but it wasn't until the prodding of Bob Blevins and Adventure Books that we really checked into the feasability of doing this. And feasible it is!

Our website is, but there isn't anything there yet. Though that will change. First to be announced is Jack Alcott's Grim Legion a version of which was first published in our webpages. This will be a $12.95 270 page trade paperback and we are working on publicity right now. Copy editing is 99% done, and we are awaiting the cover art. And... The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, it should be available in September.

I also mentioned I was head down in editing three novels? Well, number two, planning on an October release, will be Katts and Dawgs, what is called in the trade a "fix-up" where Roberto Sanhueza's thoroughly enjoyable short stories combine to make a great YA novel. I'm thinking of sub-titling it "A Fable from the Future".

And of course, once it became known we were starting a publishing house, unsolicited manuscripts started showing up. From my friends and neighbors. And my milkman's sister's father-in-law's pet racoon. Um... Perhaps I exaggerate. Anyway, at this point we have 5 novels we're looking at, plus, well, we'll just see.

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