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Eric S. Brown is 28 years old and lives in western North Carolina with his wife Shanna. In the last two years or so he has had over 170 short stories and 40-plus articles published or accepted and pending publication.

Currently his first paperback collection, Space Stations and Graveyards, is on sale at places like Barnes and Noble,, and is also co-author of the e-book Poisoned Graves from Double Dragon Ebooks and the chapbooks Dark Karma (Incubusvane Publications) and Bad Mojo (Undaunted Press).

He has edited for many various publications and runs his own webzine, Night Shopping. He has just finished up writing his first novella, is marketing another collection tentatively titled Quantum Nightmares, and writes a “how to get published” column for Sapphire Publications Horror Writer magazine. The first ever print interview with him was just released recently in Blood Moon Rising # 17. The article was titled “The Rising Stars of Horror” and also featured author Jason Brannon.

Copyright © 2004 by Eric S. Brown

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