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Invisible Boy

by Thomas D. Reynolds

a pair of sneakers
with laces tied together
hangs over the power line
size small
that might fit a boy
of eight or nine
some wag’s idea
of a joke, no doubt
nothing better to do

there was no way
to get him down
this invisible boy
like the neighborhood crank
I tried to throw things
to make him leave
but typical waif
he was too swift
always spinning away

over time I softened
looking up on sunny days
buoyed by his energy
running with all his might
when the storms hit
and the wind raged
bored on summer days
letting his feet dangle
when no air would stir

no mother is calling
from the back steps
no supper is waiting
he is altogether free
from all responsibility
even that of love

on this summer dusk
I think he feels lonely
with nowhere to run
one aimless foot
in front of the other
all through the night

Copyright © 2006 by Thomas D. Reynolds

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