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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarterly Review of 2006

Editors’ Choices: issues 189-201

This unnumbered issue brings you the editors’ favorites from the second quarter of 2006. New readers will have a sample of what Bewildering Stories has been doing in the past three months, and veteran readers will have the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed. We’ll resume regular publication with issue 202 on June 26. The Third Quarterly Review will cover issues 202-214.

Special Features

Lewayne L. White interviews Bewildering Stories publisher Jerry Wright and copy editor Don Webb
part 1, Past; part 2, Present; part 3, Future
Donna Gagnon, Thomas D. Reynolds, Carmen Ruggero:
The Poetry Window
Jack Alcott, Grim Legion
Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs : A Matter of Faith | Outcast
Novellas and Serials
Rachel Parsons, One Beast That Cannot Be Tamed
Slawomir Rapala, Athanasios
Short Stories
Clyde Andrews, Sabrina’s Wish
Tala Bar, What’s Up, Perseus?
B J Bourg, Wet Blade
Abbey Bradley, The Accident
Jeff Brown, Wild Horses
Edward Burger, The Dolphins’ Story
Bob Church, Seasons Beckoned Unto Night
Colin P. Davies, A Touch of Earth | Clifford and the Bookmole
Steve Douglas, Hero Cop Saves Cat
Ricky Ginsburg, Loss of Signal
Kenneth C. Goldman, Only What’s on the Menu
Hungry Guy, Sathya Downloads Bennie
John Hawfield, A Minor Fear
Doug Hiser, Shrike
Alan Jackson, A Man of Wealth and Taste | Al-Azif
Luke Jackson, Inside the Artists’ Colony
Hareendran Kallinkeel, A Fortunate Milkman
S. Michael Leier, ’Tis the Season
Steven C. Levi, Swapping on Interlude
Michael E. Lloyd, Big Night Out
Mary B. McArdle, Desiree and the Spinster Sisters
Corey Mesler, The Alejandro Ray
Seth Mullins, Suffer a Witch to Live
Dianne Rees, The Power of Astrid
Rick Rose, Rewind
Carmen Ruggero, Marathon Under a Charcoal Sky | The Audition
Catfish Russ, Helen
Bob Sorensen, Alt Esc
Mark Spencer, The Smell of J. D. Salinger | The Chancellor’s Last Day
E. S. Strout, Cold Light
Lewayne L. White, Constellation
Flash Fiction
Mike Coombes, Falling for Maggie
Charles Richard Laing, The New Shampoo
J D Riso, The Things I Will Miss
Kris Saknussemm, War Dream
Tamara Sheehan, Goat Eggs | Cassidy V
Donna Gagnon, Some Things Disappear | Cabaret | My Dad
Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Fate of the Sun | Let’s Be Friends | Detour | Schrödinger’s Cat
Prakash Kona, Lila
Mary B. McArdle, Tidal Moon
Douglas Pugh, Shropshire
Thomas D. Reynolds, Woodcarver’s Tableau | Fecundity
Carmen Ruggero, Muse and Pain | Memories Beyond the Sunset
Anna Ruiz, Death Takes a Holiday | Onions
Edward Stanford, Riding an Angel
John Stocks, Alicia’s Diary | Awe
Articles & Essays
Jack Alcott, The Subconscious in Action (discussion)
Tala Bar, The Love Goddesses Reflect
Camille Parker, Muttawain (fictional memoir)
Don Webb, A Prophet Not Without Honor, part 1 (article); part 2 (discussion) | Between Science Fiction and Fantasy | Writing Pastiches
Explain This
Rifle Salute!
Larger Stories
That Was Then, This Was Then, Too
Of Anthologies and Audio Files
On the Horizon
The Bewildering Stories Writing School

Write-in poll,: What are your favorites? In any or all categories of this Second Quarterly Review, imagine you are recommending at least one title to a friend, relative or acquaintance — real, virtual or imaginary — who might be interested. If you can tell why in a sentence or two, that would help a lot. The results may be published in The Critics’ Corner of a regular issue. Please send us your recommendations!

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