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by Donna Gagnon

Anya slides on black silk stockings
smooths them up her legs
stretches, points her toes, sticks out her little pink tongue

Jacquelyn wriggles into a red satin dress
that fits her just so and is slit up to here and
her ass has never looked better

Dirk shaves twice and splashes Christian Dior
on his softer than velvet skin
tosses a thumbs up at his reflected image

Timothy shines his crocodile shoes
runs his fingers down the tight crease
on his chocolate leather pants

they head down to the cabaret
warming their voices in harmony
alto, soprano, bass and tenor

in the taxi Anya admires Jackie’s dress
smiles and whispers, “Wow!”
the guys pretend not to notice

onstage, the foursome do Jacques Brel
belt “Madeleine” and “If We Only Have Love”
flash practiced smiles into the smoky air

Dirk’s determined tonight to go beyond performance
with Jacquelyn, he stares deeper into her eyes
hoping she’ll get the message

Anya wants Timothy’s leather to rub harder
against her silky legs and she aches
to hear a higher note from his throat

they drink Cassis together at an empty bar
toasting another good show and playing
with their intentions

Copyright © 2006 by Donna Gagnon

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