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Rachel Parsons

Bewildering Stories biography

Rhiannon Rachel Parsons’ writing credits include “The Gorgon,” at March 15, 2005 and “The Deer Hunt,” at April edition. The former is where the recurring character, Rhiannon, is introduced along with the origins of her witch’s curse. “The Deer Hunt” is written under her pen name, Col. John Drake. Rachel has also written an anthology of short stories under that name, The Assassin’s Daughter, which can be purchased at

She can be reached at for any fan mail for Rhiannon, or for information about any upcoming writing.

Copyright © 2005 by Rachel Parsons

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
serials short stories
I Get My Caresses from the Blood of My Victims, part 1 I Still Wake From My Nightmares, part 1 An Understandable Mistake, parts 1-2; parts 3-4
One Beast That Cannot Be Tamed, parts 1-2; part 3
I Am Not the Goddaughter of the Goblin King, parts 1-3 The Year of the Dead Rose, chapter 1; chapters 2-4 Facing the Twilight, chapter 1
The Words of the Dead Are My Only Comfort
The Most Exasperating Woman on the Planet
Nothing Sure But Death and Terrans
The Bonding
As I See the Snow Melting
The Frustration of Rhiannon
The Beaches of New Fairy
On the Bower of Madness
Lighting the Candle
I Married a Monster
The Man Who Was Too Many
The Origins of Rhiannon’s World
Two Aspects of “Nightmares”
The Characters of Rhiannon’s World (Challenge 156)
Science Fiction and Fantasy

Christine Cartwright’s illustrations of Rhiannon can be found at Digitell Design.

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