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Prakash Kona

Part 1 of 2

I took your virgin soul
Corrupted it with all my might
We reveled in corruption
You became who you are
I became who I am.

My spirit in your blood
My blood in your sea
The bed sheet is black
The destruction is white
Pray that we never wake.

Breasts that love fingers
Thighs that cling like vine
Hair that rise like vapors
Instant that forgets all instants
Soul that mocks body.

I undo your clothes
I am undone by them
The cloth of my bare skin
Unclothes your skin
Naked we come together.

Wet as running water
Hot as burning sand
Your soul enters my body
My body smells of you
I am in love with myself.

Passion with a gesture
Love with a queer logic
The despair of parting
Clouds opening to thunder
Alone in your thoughts I am.

Give your body for a moment
Take the universe in return
In that moment I’m God
God your perspiring body
How can God stop being God!

Playing in time hide and seek
I lay hidden in your body
You sought me in your soul
I found you in the light between trees
You knew me at night.

May I turn into a butterfly
May you into a flower
May I turn a girl
You a boy among flowers
May we become one another!

In winter under a blanket
In summer below thatched roofs
I tell stories you sing songs
Doors fall and walls disappear
Thieves lie spellbound in their tracks.

Boiled rice with green chilies
Juices of your body
Honey of my saliva
Upon the table of earth
We make love hungry as ever.

Smooth back slides into soft curves
I roam in the back streets of cities
The black holes of cosmos
Are concealed by immense lights
I lie beneath you in the dark.

My being in the grasp of yours
My seed in the soil of your being
Clothes on floor
Floor engulfed in eternity
What ever happened to the world!

My soul in icy realms
My breath in ecstasy
My limbs mingled with yours
My tears flowing into your mouth
The joy of wax melting in fire.

I visit you like a secret whispered
In the labyrinths of the ear
You come like the motorbike
Out to conquer the road
A strange pair of lovers we are.

I loved you before you saw
Your face in the mirror
It was the face before
The becoming of your face
I loved you in a timeless space.

A lover who is possessed
Without a sense of possession
I meet you as a friend
At the cross-roads of the world
Touch my breast with your lips.

My love is a bicycle without brakes
Speeding downhill toward the rocks
One in passion only triumphs
In the destruction of self
The source of passion.

Having known you made it
Easy for my body
To pass through yours
A thread passes through
The eye of a needle.

In the pollution of cities
The grass on pavement
Gives feet a sense of pleasure
Being with you is feeling
Myself in that sense.

Shall we become one with the cry
Of the first bird at dawn
Tonight is night of all nights
I delight in song of an urchin
Juggling marbles in air.

One who cannot live without dates
One who cannot love without desire
One who cannot leave fantasies
What can this world offer
To such a one as that?

Give me power I’m a tyrant
Give me your hand I’m a lover
Give me your hair I’m mad
Give me you and I’m not
Myself anymore.

I bore a child of you in my heart
While you were in a hotel room
Wedded to another one
I bore a child that was
The envy of angels.

If I could turn back the wheel of time
Only one moment I would choose
You sitting by the window
Of a moving train and smiling good-bye
My feet rooted in the ground.

In the light from the street lamp
I saw your bodyline against the window
That night I dreamt of the body
Toward me it came
I raised my chin to catch a falling grape.

The milk of your breast must taste
Sweeter than sweetest of wines
My lips washed in wines
I became an unborn baby
Nourished in the womb.

Do I have a choice other than
To die and become earth
That turns into clouds at day
A gentle breeze pushes aside
Curtains of your room.

Look into my eyes and tell me
If you see yourself
When my eyes laugh you are
The sparkle in them
That comes out as tears of joy.

True to myself is true to you
True to you is true
To words I use
To make love to you
But they change all the time.

In the home of my heart
I will pass my days
Some evening before I am gone
I will thank my heart
For letting you be in there.

My eyes go dim when I think of you
The world before me is real
To the extent that it believes in itself
To me you are the attempt
At loving unconditionally.

What does one disclose to another?
The destiny of a mirror
Is not in the face that recognizes itself
But the heart that violently
Seeks to overcome destiny.

Making love to you is a storm
Lightning piercing thunder
Showers of white rain on the belly
When thigh rubs against burning thigh
The temple lights are on fire.

My love is the hands of an artist
Who cooks food in the kitchen
Then cleans the whole place
The place has the freshness of a body
That has finished making love.

Upon the boat of my dreams
I enter the passage of memories
Lines floating in the head
This sensuous morning refuses
To let me sleep.

Every dreamer has a story to tell
A dream is a story within a story
A dream fades like a smile
A smile has a story to tell
A sad one to that.

Drowsily I opened the door to you
Kissed you on the navel
A relic of the cord that attached
Me to the body of my mother
My body is your child.

The joy of my innermost self is how
I experience with my skin
The soul enclosed within your skin
It is a joy that surpasses
The changing colors of autumn.

Sweet me but sweetest you
My words move with the trepidation
Of skilled fingers on a flute
You understand me even when your lips
Seem to gently fall asleep.

I write as though I dream
I dream as though I am writing
Through a maze of unending thoughts
Holding thoughts of you
Hoping those thoughts never release me.

I remember that God is the only woman
That can be loved even when faceless
Perhaps I can love you for who you are
If ever I can forget your face
Unfolding as a carpet with intricate designs.

I speak to you as if you’re there
As my self and my face has a contortion
Of one genuinely lost in conversation
From the world’s perspective I must be mad
As for me I can’t stop listening to you.

My favorite moment of day is darkness
After sunset when I still see the world
The white and orange street lights are on
I long for you with passion
Of night for the dawn.

I love that which must change with time
Like music stirring my soul
And slowly blends with rhythm
Of my flesh playing in the house of your flesh
The way a child plays with water.

The fast beat of galloping horses
Clots my brain with a devastating headache
I beg to be devoured by the dark
Blood whirls in my dizzying feet
I drop dead in your arms.

Coming with you to the end of time
The cassette in mind replays the scene
Of desecration; the ultimate expression
Of the ultimate experience;
Disclosed we fade into dreams.

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Copyright © 2006 by Prakash Kona

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