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Death Takes a Holiday

Anna Ruiz

death takes a holiday
walks about town, hat on just right, dapper
cockey, silver-tipped walking stick
diamond studded tie clasp
three sapphires on left ear, 2.5 carat
sash-ay, blaze trail, hip hip hurray,
hey bro’, spare a dime dead glance
tomorrow bud, hey Faye gal about town
how about we dance a slow dance
I say, sure handsome fellow, love
your cologne reminds me of another
Lover about town, umm feels good,
broad shouldered, seems like a good fit
my apartment's uptown, care for a drink?
secret smile, déjà vu, catch a walk?
yes, like the sights, cats dogs garbage
sky nights breeze chants earth slams
shut ruts, pavement hot tined in smoked
guts, galore glorious repose expose
ah, behind-ed doors, slammed closed
no preliminaries, rip off the shirt tie and pants
little black dress, black hose, bra and panties
exposed naked death
pinned against the wall, thrown across a
table, carried off to bed, oh god
this is not god, tongues and hands are not
tongues and hands, they are Shiva
penetrating with 1000 lingams and
Radha empties passion bonfire
splashing nitrous colors inside body temples
snaked up straight
fire burns fire
hot sex dancing

this is no dead poets society

Copyright © 2006 by Anna Ruiz

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