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What’s in Issue 119

Novels Roberto Sanhueza continues the killer-insect mystery in Katts and Dawgs by bringing back even more familiar faces in chapter 7: Old Friends, Old Foes.

Julian Lawler changes the scene from the dank dungeon in the Prologue to the fog-shrouded city of Nomen, which Palance Demondread enters on a mysterious mission: Battle Seer, chapter 1: The Memorial.
Serials Earth-quarantine observer Holofernes is smitten with an unaccountably old and yet apparently young girl. The observer had best beware, lest he see what is not there: Thomas R., Judy in Skye, conclusion.

A. D. Smith’s hero Tink penetrates a mysteriously shielded warehouse full of computer equipment tended by people with a rather odd taste in clothing: The IOD’s, part 2.

New contributor RD Larson has a new secretary for old contributor Cleveland W. Gibson. Bethany comes to the author’s eerie eyrie atop windswept New Duryea, which is haunted by The Whimsy, part 1.
Byron Bailey accomplishes a feat of spelling in a tragic tale of strangely likeable dinosaurs, complete with television and terrorists: A Pink Shadow.

Thomas Lee Joseph Smith is well known for his ironic humor. We’re going to need some, ourselves, when we contemplate the cosmic implications of Waiting for the Winds.
Article New contributor D. A. Madigan has a kind of love-hate relationship with Robert A. Heinlein. He also takes a very practical view of the difference between authors and their works: Heinlein: the Man, the Myth, the Whack Job, part 1; conclusion.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes RD Larson and D. A. Madigan.
Cleveland W. Gibson also welcomes RD Larson.
Challenge Challenge 119 asks about plot development in two of our stories: When do you know?
Letters Ana Alcieri writes about Byron Bailey’s “Everymutt.”
Tala Bar writes about the Gaia review.
The Reading
Michael J A Tyzuk reviews Eric Idle’s Road to Mars.
Jerry Wright reviews Steven King’s Dark Tower series.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Farscape

In Times to Come

Jerry is thinking of a special Halloween supplement for stories that are scarier than most for one reason or another. Never a dull moment!

Meanwhile, we can count on some things in issue 120: Julian Lawler will continue Battle Seer, A. D. Smith will conclude “The IOD’s,” and RD Larson will conclude “The Whimsy.” On deck also: Kevin Ahearn, Jason Earls, Dustin LaValley and a new contributor to be named later.

A little farther ahead we’re looking forward to euhal allen, Byron Bailey, Jörn Grote, Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, P. J. Lawton, Shawn Madison, Gillian Marshall, Steven Francis Murphy, Roberto Sanhueza, and Omar Vega. Meanwhile, Mike Tyzuk has promised a conclusion to “Through a Glass, Darkly,” and Deep Bora has something new planned.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for Things That Go Bump on the Net!

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