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RD Larson

“RD” has to be one of our most prolific authors. She’s well into her second hundred publications, which include stories and essays. If “The Whimsy” is any indication, she’s a triple-threat master of fantasy, romance and — wait till the conclusion, in our next issue — horror, as well. The first part of “The Whimsy” shows she combines a keen ear for dialogue with a sharp eye for decor and visual detail all wrapped up in an economical but effective style. Small wonder, then, that she’s won several honors in short story contests.

RD adds to our contingent of outdoor folk in the Pacific northwest. When Bewildering Stories holds its first convention at Jerry’s ranch, she and a number of our contributors will have only a short trip to make.

RD is also welcomed by a nice letter from Cleveland W. Gibson, in this issue. As we say there, we realize that RD likes to write her initials together rather than with a space. That’s fine with us, except in indexes; we worry that people will think they’re an acronym. Or, since we have another very popular contributor by the name of Joel Gn, we might be inundated with queries about pronunciation.

By all means check out RD Larson’s biographical sketch; it tells of someone who finds writing a very fun thing to do.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, RD. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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