Bewildering Stories

Challenge 119

Please read “Judy in Skye” and “Waiting for the Winds” first.

When do you know?

  1. What does D. A. Madigan seem to be saying about the relationship between the author and the work, and between ideology and story? Can you think of a fictional character whom you liked but whose values you did not sympathize with?

  2. At what point do you realize that Judy, in Skye, might be deceiving Holofernes? Or does it come as a complete surprise?

  3. At what point in “Waiting for the Winds” do you realize where the sailors really are?

    “We’re property” stories have long been a staple of science fiction. Some take place in doll houses, others, like The Truman Show, on a stage. And Star Trek: Next Generation had a series of episodes where Data, playing the role of Sherlock Holmes, had to outwit the holographic Professor Moriarty by locking him into a miniature holodeck. What other such stories can you think of? Have you found any of that type that you particularly like?

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