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Byron Bailey’s “Everymutt versus Bilbo

That was a great story! Fascinating, and funny! And so true. Very well written, and I can see myself, years ago, being sick unto death of being told to "See Jim run."

By the way, did you ever find any gold? My brothers and I dug for years down in the bottom-land of the farm, but alas, there truly was no oil there. Grandfather was right, instead of greedy.

The only bad experience I had with this story was the mention of Archie Bunker, Hee-haw, and Lawrence Welk. I started to experience traumatic flash-backs. At one point in my childhood I thought I had truly been saved, with cable tv. Unfortunately that only led to the "Nashville Network" and all was lost. Years later, hope arose again — Satellite. However, the only channels I could ever find were usually foreign. Imagine the surprise of all the guys I ever dated when I told them I preferred to go back to their place and watch TV — and I actually meant it.

Oh well, all this nonsense just to say... GREAT STORY!! Thanks for sharing it.

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