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R D Larson

Hi Don,

I hope you are keeping well.

Don’t ask about me, I’ve been so busy. Not just with writing but other things.

However I’ve had a super e-mail from RD Larson. She tells me straight off “The Whimsy” is going to be published in Bewildering Stories. I’m really delighted for her and you. She is a great writer, just wait till you see her bio. It is what you’d expect from an EPPE winner. With “The Whimsy” I was the first person to read it . And yes she put my name in there. But I didn’t mind. It makes writing and reading a bit of fun. I also think she is getting her revenge on me for putting her in the spotlight in one of my stories. It was done in the nicest way and she too was delighted. The story was about a miniature donkey and other animals. The kids loved the story and she did, too.

I hope she writes some more stories for you. And I hope to do some too. I sent one story off to a publisher and then wanted the rest. Well I had to write the rest, right from scratch. All surreal stuff . But now it’s done.

I’m still an unpublished book writer. Moondust has been waiting for three weeks to be edited. But it’s normal to be kept waiting, I guess. On the other hand RD Larson has written a vast amount of stories and articles. But you’ll soon see from her bio what she has done.

Best wishes for now,


Copyright © 2004 by Cleveland W. Gibson

Thank you very much for the news and good wishes, Cleveland ! Your letter comes as a very nice touch to accompany RD’s “The Whimsy.” We’re delighted to have her with us, and we’d be equally delighted to have you back. But we understand you have big projects afoot, and you have every reason to be enthusiastic about them. We wish you the best of luck, and please stay in touch.


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