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First Bewildering Stories Contest: “Twisted Fairy Tales”

The results will be announced in issue 140 or 141.
The stories are now listed alphabetically by author:

Author Index
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Katherine Allen
Ian Donnell Arbuckle
Rick Badman
Byron Bailey
Tala Bar
Deborah Cimo
Claire Yvette Colón
Inanna Gabriel
Joel Gn
Jörn Grote
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson
Jean Hooper
Saurbh Katyal
R D Larson
Susan Laster
Michael E. Lloyd
Jussi Melartin
C. Meton
Danielle L. Parker
Roberto Sanhueza
Vera Searles
Don Webb
Lewayne L. White

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Katherine Allen,The Pirate Queen
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Bip, Bop

Rick Badman, Demon Wolves Invade the Enchanted Forest ; The Fall of Humpty Dumpty ; The “Genie War” in Iraq ; Goldilocks in Beverly Hills ; Getting Prince Charming’ s Rejects ; The Legend of Prince Charming ; The Puss-in-Boots Society ; Reminiscences of a Fairie Godfather ; The Seven Dwarves’ Mine ; What if “Hansel and Gretel” Were Based on Fact?

Byron Bailey, Stumbling Off the Stalk ; Trophy Slipper
Tala Bar, The Apple of Her Heart

Deborah Cimo, The Eberaldi Tree
Claire Yvette Colón, Prince Charming and the Lady Syncere

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Inanna Gabriel, A Flash of Red
Joel Gn, Gifts and Curses ; The Water Maiden
Jörn Grote, Ivan and the Gray Wolf

Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, A Boy’s Quest for Sleep ; The Dead Ed Show ; Everybody Needs Somebody ; The Gods Looked Down ; How It All Really Began ; In the Lair of the Terrible Dragon ; Into the Lands of Lore (with Don Webb) ; Little Pig, Little Pig... ; The Lonely Young Woman and the Tree Frog ; The Old Man and the Fish ; The Shunned Duckling ; The Skoffin ; The Small Yellow Chicken Meets the Hand of Death ; The Tale of the Inattentive Wizard ; A Trip Through the Woods ; The Witch in the Woods

Jean Hooper, Rosie and the Three Badgers

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Saurbh Katyal, Rascal and Beetle

R D Larson, Dreadlocks and the Three Heirs
Susan Laster, Jack’s Tale
Michael E. Lloyd, The Three Bears and the Intruder

Jussi Melartin, The Prince’s Tale
C. Meton, The Return of the Ugly Duckling

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Danielle L. Parker, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Prince

Roberto Sanhueza, The Bound Workers ; The Wolf and I
Vera Searles, One Magic Spell ; The Queen of Warts ; Shoe House ; Women of the Woods

Don Webb, Dimmity Dumpling and the Scarlet Cloak
Lewayne L. White, FTPD: Homicide

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