Issue 216

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 216

Contest Bewildering Stories’ Contest 3, “Strange Places,” is now open.
Open the Contest 3 Welcome page; Contest 3 Index page.
Contest 3 will close with the appearance of issue 220.
Voting will close with the appearance of issue 222.
Novel Tamara Sheehan, Tenth Man : conclusion
Open the Tenth Man Contest page
O. J. Anderson, X-Squad: Stay Dead, part 1; conclusion
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, China, part 1; part 2; conclusion
Lorna M. Kaine, Family Traditions
Edward Morris, If I Went Crazy Now,
    Would You Still Call Me Superman?

E. S. Strout, Right Back At Ya
Steve Thorn, A Ceiling Full of Stars, part 1; conclusion
Brian Capaloff, The Jag
Michael E. Lloyd, Drop to Drink
Poetry Caroline Davies, A Land Where Beauty Sleeps
Carl A. Puleo, Hank and Frank
Article Zack Figueroa, Ray Harryhausen: Creator of Dreams


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Brian Capaloff,
    Lorna M. Kaine, Carl A. Puleo, and Steve Thorn
Challenge Challenge 216 salutes the Tenth Man Standing
Letters A kibitzer actually Looks at the fine print
The Art
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Excerpt: Oscar Deadwood, The Perfect Revolution
Jerry Wright reviews Four From TOKYOPOP
Editorial Jerry Wright, Sorry...

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