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What’s in Issue 199

Novella The Visharians establish their occupation; an ancient book tells of their origin; the sword Moradon is lost in a skirmish: Bryce V. Giroux, Shadows of Forever, part 4; part 5; part 6.
New contributor Forrest Armstrong tells of a young man who would escape a dreary world: In Memory of Dexter Roberts.

Buried treasure from the 14th century? Better to earn an honest living: P. S. Gifford, All in a Day’s Work.

People are not the only ones whose work is being outsourced these days; pity the poor crockery: Ricky Ginsburg, Plates.

Nothing moves a balky cow like vegetable jet propulsion. But how can a farmer keep up? Hareendran Kallinkeel, A Fortunate Milkman.

New contributor Rick Rose takes Ted Mathews on time-warping expeditions to save a dog. On the way, Ted discovers a lot of skullduggery that’s going on around town. His work is nothing to sneeze at: Rewind, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

Does the world end with ‘Good riddance’? Denise has a better idea: Lewayne L. White, Constellation.
Relationships, alimony problems, female competition — Matt Carlyle may be in over his head. Thankfully, his latest Cassidy is specially programmed to meet his needs: Tamara Sheehan, Cassidy V.
Poetry Donna Gagnon, Cabaret
Thomas D. Reynolds, Fecundity; The Geographic Center
Carmen Ruggero, Memories Beyond the Sunset
The Poetry
Bewildering Stories’ Poets’ Round Table, part 1


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Forrest Armstrong and Rick Rose.
The Critics’
David Redd writes about Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Challenge Challenge 199 examines Ins and Outs.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Nicola Griffith, Ammonite.
Excerpt: Joanna Weston, Those Blue Shoes
Editorial Jerry Wright, Bits and Pieces

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