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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

Bits And Pieces

Well, ...oh yeah... great way to start off an editorial... Hmm. Let's go back 5 paces and see what occurs. Nah. Well it is. Well, our good buddy "C.Meton" has been putting together a page of the various artworks that grace our pages and our stories. The initial site is at This is very nice and very helpful. But CM, like so many of us, suffers from that old bugaboo, lack of time. Initially we asked him to be our Art Director. What that means is that he would read the stories that are in our "In Times To Come" (or at least chooses a couple per issue to read) and then come up with some art for the stories.

It takes time to do this properly, and the pay is abysmal. So... Volunteers, anyone??

Speaking of abysmal pay, we're going to be talking to some of our regulars about some other editorial posts we have available. So think about it. Or not.

Okay... Other things. Bob Blevins and Adventure Books are chugging along on the Time Travel anthology, and that should be fun, but something else needs to be mentioned. Bob and crew are going to be putting together a twice yearly SF magazine called "Escape Velocity". Yes, yes, I know that was the title of an SF book by Christopher Stasheff. This magazine, according to Bob, will feature strictly "hard SF". None of you trolls, fairies, or goblins need apply! And the best news is... Bob will pay you! Story length, as I recall, will be 2500 words or less. For more information, visit Bob at Adventure Books. Is this a conflict of interest? Ha! We publish 8 to 10 stories and poems a week. We like all sorts of stories, even including mysteries, but the more speculative, the better. We wish Bob success, and hope his project does well.

On the just read list: Sentinals From Space by Eric Frank Russell. I loved this book when I first read it. Guardian by Joe Haldeman. Also a great read. Joust, Alta and Sanctuary, the "Dragon Jousters" trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Just great fun and cotton candy for the mind.

I'd like to rant on, but unfortunately, I have to catch an early flight to Tulsa (yeah... Tulsa...) tomorrow morning, so I must crash and burn, but only in my bed, and only to sleep. Dangerous figure of speech there.

Copyright © 2006 by Jerry Wright for Bewildering Stories

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