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What’s in Issue 196

Novel Soltrian agents Dorn and Martin must destroy Project New Frontier before it falls into enemy hands. From not too far away, unbeknownst to them, still others are watching: Danielle L. Parker, Mad World Band, chapter 8: part 1, part 2; chapter 9: part 1, part 2.
Serial Rhiannon has plenty of leads to the rogue beast tamer, but catching him will require some derring-do and clever deduction: Rachel Parsons, One Beast That Cannot Be Tamed, part 3; conclusion.
Murder for hire is a very risky business: B J Bourg, Her Judas Eyes.

New contributor Dianne Rees shows two sisters who are down on their luck in very different ways, but they can still help each other, especially with The Power of Astrid, part 1; conclusion.

At what point do animal rights become sentient beings’ rights? Catfish Russ, Helen, part 1; conclusion.

Hold that pose — until the crime-scene photographers arrive: Robert L. Sellers, Jr., The Exodus Effect, part 1; conclusion.

Be careful what films your kid rents; he may act out some unusual scenes: Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Ignoring Spielberg’s Munich.

New contributor John W. Steele puts on stage a couple of bad characters. What better place for them than The Hole.
To what lengths might one go to avoid a bad career move? Charles Richard Laing, Angeline.

Is this a scientific advance or a Frankenstein story? R D Larson, The Last Experiment.
Poetry Mary B. McArdle, Illusion ; Mountain Moon
Anna Ruiz, A Hungry Ghost


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Dianne Rees.
Challenge Challenge 196 orders Just Desserts.
Letters Contributors respond to Jane Jacobs’ obituary.
Garin Webb recommends 162 Versions of the National Anthem.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Jack McDevitt, Seeker.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Rejections

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