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Michael C. Hansen

Mike is a younger brother of Greg Hansen, who is already well known to readers of Bewildering Stories as the author of “Adverse Selection” (issues 102-104). While Greg lives in sunny Oregon, Mike lives on a balmy, azure ocean front beneath the gently waving fronds of palm trees and among succulent papayas — in Hawaii. If you’ve seen the picture of me leaning on my snow shovel, you may understand why I say I don’t see how he stands it. On second thought...

“Gladys” is Mike’s initial contribution, and it’s all action from beginning to end. Only, keep Mike’s South Sea island paradise in mind when his next, style-charged story comes up in issue 107: an office manager’s wall is decorated with a picture of the CEO, the Devil himself. Reach for the telephone and call Hawaii... 5-O.

Initially we wondered whether it might be too much of a good thing to feature the Hansen brothers together in the same issue. Naww... who’s comparing? But in one way they are similar: they both write rockin’ fun stories.

We can’t wait for the papaya harvest, Mike. Crank up that word processor and keep those stories coming!

You can link to Mike Hansen’s biographical sketch here.

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