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Novel Tala Bar, Gaia : Dar, Nim and Nunez go inland to Nunez’ camp at an ancient temple. He tells how he came to the island and recounts his mysterious contact with the Lorelei apparition that Dar and Nim had espied on the river. Chapter 5: The Island, part II.
Novellas Things are looking up for the common folk in euhal allen’s story, and the forces of repression take some hits. However, the authorities still have some high cards to play in The Bridge, part IV, installment 1.

New contributor Wallace W. Cass, Jr. opens a new novella set in the 22nd century against a background of environmental disaster due to a pair of asteroids. Society still functions, though, complete with interstellar relations with the Sristi and fast-developing political intrigue: Vessel, part 1.
Serial Donald Sullivan’s ghosts find that close cooperation might work — and it might not — as they stand up to the dread ghouls in Goolies, conclusion.
New contributor Byron Bailey rings a change on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk by showing how wicked an addiction can be: Stumbling off the Stalk.

New contributor Michael C. Hansen depicts another kind of addiction: your chocolate cake will never look at you in quite the same way again after Gladys.

Ásgrímur Hartmannsson tells of another kind of addiction: mysterious toy-makers who seem fixated on manufacturing dolls of a peculiar and even sinister nature: It Can Play Dead, Too!.
New contributor Kris Barton describes how hackers can wreak havoc with a 24th-century Neural Net Interface. The problems of the future will sound eerily familiar to computer users of today.
Poetry Steven Utley offers a collection of poems in which etiquette can take odd and even deadly turns: Miscellaneous Matters of Manners.
Mark Koerner views a literary classic — and history — from the standpoint of nuclear apocalypse: Robinson Crusoe : After the Blast.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Byron Bailey, Kris Barton, Sherry Smith Gray and Michael C. Hansen.
Challenge Games can end in a draw, but stories end in victory, defeat or a mixture of both. At any rate, when one story ends, a new one begins. We need your help in Resolving a Standoff.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, The Edge Chronicles.
Editorial An Embarrassment of Riches

In Times to Come

Issue 107 will have another Retrospective, for issues 81-90, and we’ll have at least one more new contributor. Meanwhile, check the News bulletin and help us stay current.

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