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I started life as a split personality — a pair of human gametes — but quickly pulled myself together to become a thriving zygote. Upon achieving that, I grew in skill and stature until March, 1949, when I emerged as a child in Janesville, Wisconsin. I grew up there, joined the Navy after high school, and served 4 years as a jet engine mechanic. Then I went to college and earned a Graduate of Theology degree and served in various ministries until 1979, after which I went back to college and earned an Associate of Science degree, majoring in Computer Science. In 1984, I moved to California, where I live now and work as a computer Systems Analyst and Programmer.

My writing background started in the 9th grade, when I wrote a short, science fiction story. I gave it to my English teacher and got a nice note back from her, but it didn’t go anywhere from there. I wrote some poetry in 1981 and sent it off to be published, and actually got a contract back, but it turned out to be a vanity press, so I didn’t publish it. I wrote my next story in 1985 and waited about 14 years to submit it. That was my first rejection. I’m currently working on a science fiction story that started out to be short, but looks like it could become a novel unless I do some serious editing.

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