Bewildering Stories

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The Orkeldor, et al.

part 5

by C. Meton

The Orkeldor cannot fly,
Whoever said it could?
It has no wings upon its back,
And I don’t think it should.
It’s swift and deadly, that is true;
And if you see one, please be sure
The beast is after You.

* * *

I lay here sleeping on the ground,
Looking at the sky.
Then toward a tree mine eyes did shift,
Growing over me.
The light shown on the leaves in such a way
As to make some leaves look light.
They looked almost like flowers
On the tree for me tonight.
But then — a thought occurred —
That it might be a sha-sha tree.
(I’ve heard where Orkeldor hide,
And it’s growing over me!)

* * *

Along the winding archburr branch the slinking morf doth slide,
And he is oh, so beautiful, in texture and in hide.
His skin is smooth, his color fine, of odor he is sweet;
He’s a lovely sight to see no matter where you meet.

You may like to take one home and keep it as a pet,
But, though they’re awfully beautiful, no one has caught one yet.
The slinking morf is slippery, and moves quite quickly too,
So when you try to catch one he’ll get away from you.

I’ve heard that even Orkeldor has trouble catching morf,
And when he finally catches one it slides along the turf.
The it leaves the Orkeldor a-slipping on it’s slime,
And Orkeldor his lunch doth miss, (for him it’s the first time).

* * *

The sha-sha trees were swaying in the gently blowing breeze
As Orkeldor was lurking near some innocent wah-lah babes.
No thump-thump was in sight that day to warn of doom so near,
But at last the wah-lah babes were saved by a big, black, grizzly bear.

The bear came crashing through the woods running like a bunny,
With bees quite close in hot pursuit. He’d been stealing from their honey!
Well, the Orkeldor does not like bears when they are charging, son;
So the Orkeldor himself took off, and boy, how he did run!

A commotion quite was raised that day in the little sha-sha glade,
For it isn’t every single day that an Orkeldor runs away.
The wah-lah babes just stayed and played among those sha-sha trees,
And I suppose they’re there today with that bunch of angry bees.

* * *

One day an evil man did come to Darkbur Valley town.
He swore by all the bad in him to tear that village down.
He shot the judge and hanged the mayor and terrorized the place,
Until he slipped on morf slime and fell right on his face.

Then after that the thump-thumps started all a-twitching;
But he knew not what that meant, and threatened all a licking.
Every man in the town was quickly seeking safety
(From the terror of the Orkeldor, not from some old meany).

The thump-thumps proved again how accurate they are
At sensing coming Orkeldor, whether near or far.
They warned the village people, and so from that place they’d beaten,
But the evil man was not from there, that’s why he was eaten.

* * *

Once I had a sha-sha tree
Growing in my yard.
Its beauty greatly pleased me,
And I’d sit by it for hours.
But when I learned of Orkeldors
And where they like to hide,
I chopped down my lovely sha-sha tree,
And went indoors, and cried.
I dearly love the sha-sha tree,
Its fragrance, and its flower;
But I fear the awful Orkeldor
(You might say that I’m a coward).

* * *

There was a man, I’ve heard,
Though the story’s awfully old,
Who used to tame the Orkeldor.
He was very bold.
I don’t believe a word of it.
I think it’s just in jest,
’Cause, when confronted by an Orkeldor,
One always fails the test.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2005 by C. Meton

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