Bewildering Stories

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The Orkeldor et al.

part 1

by C. Meton

Wah-Las, Morfs, thump-thumps,
And the Orkeldor himself
Are a part of the world
Depicted in this book,
So take it off the shelf.
If fantasy is your cup of tea,
Or mythology your bag,
Perhaps you'll find some pleasure
Reading this book,
If it doesn't make you gag.
* * *
The Orkeldor
Beneath the silken sha-sha tree
The Orkeldor doth wade,
And ere the morning mist doth rise
He's gone far from the glade.
At night he wanders to and fro
A-lookin' for his food,
And if you seek escape from him
You must be awfully good.
For Orkeldor is swift and sure.
With ease he catches prey,
And if you are ever caught by him
You'll not live to see the day.
Watch for the Orkeldor, my friend;
He's hungry and awake,
And waiting for a fool or fiend
Who'll make a dumb mistake.
* * *
It didn't happen in middle-earth,
Or times of yesteryear.
Orkeldors are a present thing,
In the now and here.
For you have been warned.
Read on,
And learn of Orkeldor!
* * *
The Orkeldor, the Orkeldor,
Oh, what an evil thing!
Much awful pain and suffering
Is all he seems to bring.
Yet there are those who like him,
And all his fiendish ways,
For they are those who profit
When others pass away.
I'll bet they'd change their tunes, those fools,
If the Orkeldor they'd meet.
They'd run so fast to flee from him,
They'd probably lose their feet!
But he, I'm sure, would catch them,
For he is awfully swift;
And when he did he'd have his lunch
But they their lunch would miss!
* * *
Don't ever tempt the Orkeldor,
I'm warning you, dear child.
For the mean and hungry Orkeldor is anything but mild.
He'll claw you and he'll chew you,
He'll eat you, yes he will.
He doesn't play a game at all, but looks for his next meal.
When, if ever, you see him,
The best that you can do
Is run for all you're worth, dear one: for he'll be after you.
* * *
I never saw an Orkeldor, and I hope I never shall,
For I've heard about the Orkeldor and the deeds that he doth do.
I've heard about his appetite, and about his awful jaws;
I've heard of damage done by him with one swipe of his great claws.
I don't want to see an Orkeldor, and you can bet that's true.
If anyone sees an Orkeldor, I'd rather it was you.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2005 by C. Meton

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