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The Property of Modest Ambition

by Channie Greenberg

Raw materials, unlike established stuffs, provoke
Manipulative sorts into constructing lies or libels
Concerning newly raised homes, additions, kinds
Of Arabian tales pertaining to one thousand more
Eked fictions.

In the interim, mourning overripe avocados creates
Forfeiture among those privileged with perception.
(Goldfish, as well, require advanced training where
Husbands drag flooring stones; hedgehogs perform
Much better.)

Death, whilst sleeping amongst first-class blessings
Bestowed on puny humans, might cause snowflakes
To contest keeping company with deceased cousins’
Prefigured doom. Likewise, momentary residences
Flicker off.

Small outbuildings eternally yield devices found in
Their shadowy pits. Inversely, origami flowers thin
Nothing. However, singing, burping sands situated
In California’s dunes fill the air with weird recitals,
Focus on desert avalanches.

Seismic vibrations, unlike mirages, sometimes, fail
To belch. Similarly, few detailed escape plans flop.
Old love potions, too, neglect qualities in events of
“Chipmunk lobes,” or emails to existential dentists’
Rehearsed migration theories.

By definition, psychology’s no form of logic, largely
While childbirth narratives remain camouflaged from
Foppish, medical morons. Besides, it’s problematical
Overstating harm, grieving during spans predating all
Social acceptance.

Moreover, hiding reserves never resulted in enhanced
Approaches to diverting consideration from opposing
Witches’ “friends.” The whole lot worsens unequally,
So warily touching up dyslexic-styled memos assists
Breakout sentiments.

Regarding corn supplied with ruby jellybeans, codicils
To yesteryear’s formerly popular denim jackets, know
Our brains’ domains issue limited blindness analogous
To adolescent “hearing loss” as conveyed via cultures
Going bankrupt.

Copyright © 2021 by Channie Greenberg

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