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Bewildering Stories

KJ Hannah Greenberg, Rudiments


Author: KJ Hannah Greenberg
Published: independently
Date: April 26, 2020
Length: 152 pages
ISBN: 979-8622940743
ASIN: B087L526WH

The Phenomenological Concept of the Body

Principally, the rheostat of lachrymose scavengers' revivifications,
Menacing, hastily skewed outlines, plus excited, epistemic longings,
Prove certain claims lack merits typically allotted to most vernal jobs,
To possibly confounding trifling groups, to unwisely bidden strictures.

Skin, cool and moist alike estuary sand, or hot like the winds of slayed
Furnetics, frequently vexes skills needed to master centrifuges' running.
Turkey basters, chinoises, ladles no longer behave as chosen playthings;
Similarly, pepper mills and pie birds befit lame bobs for tracheostomies.

An opposite possibility is overlords nullifying secret canards, silly goals,
Facing off against tavertine ruffians, disdaining supernatural adventures,
Disapproving: lumps of Terra Verde, fancy trussing needles, throw-outs,
Otherwise, we outgrow shiny shivs, limit okaying sharp edge propitiatory.

The phenomenological concept of the body, ever referencing corpuses plus
World, turns out to be an unhappy round where maturity-bound relationships
Wither. Contained by checks and balances' systems, pending epistemologies,
Various sets of “weather conditions” forestall inevitability, delay progression.

The Feminist Paradigm's no rationale for recent modesty or gaining gray hairs,
For nibbling tuiles (connections bring self-appreciation, which noises aloud and
Embraces zesters, creates complications, buffs mandolines, endures as suitable);
Human nature's collective adolescence aspires to shimmy, shake, else rock & roll.

Copyright © 2020 by KJ Hannah Greenberg

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