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Psychotherapy for the Uploaded, part 2

by Ronald Linson

Psychotherapy for the Uploaded
appears in issue 713

You have become an expert at memory editing.

Your first kiss is with your favorite actor,
Not with the pimply fat kid in the closet.

You graduated valedictorian of your high school,
Not 289th in your class.

You are a rock star super spy President,
Not flipping burgers at a Cow Patties place.

Your therapist is worried about your sanity.

You are just having fun, you tell her.
You know what you are doing, you say.

You discover a new trick.
You install a new memory patch.

You are now Dr. Sigmund Freud.
You proceed to analyze yourself.

You are worried about your sanity.

Copyright © 2018 by Ronald Linson

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