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Challenge 755

Shave and a Haircut

  1. In Richard Stevenson’s “Thunderbird,” what is the connection between condors and ripples in space-time?

  2. In Ron Linson’s “Psychotherapy for the Uploaded, part 2,” does the poem recount psychotherapy or self-esteem management?

  3. In Rob Dinsmoor’s “Grand Opening”:

    1. How does the “grand opening” presentation sidestep the limitations of augmented reality?
    2. How does the narrator’s personality seem to change between the beginning of the story and the end?
  4. In Iona Douglas’s “Metal Myths”:

    1. Would the story change materially if the time-traveling acheologist were a man rather than a robot or android?
    2. Why does Lola shave her head?
  5. In Justin Meckes’ “The Pharmacon”:

    1. Are robots normally given natural gender? Are androids?
    2. Is the Pharmacon beneficial or harmful to Larson’s physical health?
    3. “I would hate to have to shave you.” — Is the robot being threatening or funny?
    4. Does the name “Pharmacon” appear in the film Johnny Mnemonic? Does it serve the same purpose?

Responses welcome!

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