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Through the Hole in Their Wall

by Shola Balogun

How do I tell the trifling tales
of treacherous thieves
thriving to teach
the boisterous brethren

the precious price in the plight
of the poor?

How do I mock the mirthless muse
of the mindless marionettes
mostly made in praise
of political predators

prying persistently
to deprive the land of her peace?

I see numerous norms
become nooning notoriety
in the land.

I see heartless hounds
hoarding the helpless
into the lowest depth;

I see spiritual snobs
making thrift of common fear
of the commoners.

I see holy hooligans howl
the most unruly hope
in the heavenly.

I see prostitutes
in the courts of their gods.

Copyright © 2017 by Shola Balogun

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