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Bewildering Stories

Shola Balogun

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I am a playwright, poet and writer from Yoruba southwestern part of Nigeria, West Africa. I received my Masters Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, specializing in Literary and Dramatic Criticism.

I was the winner of the First Educare Trust's Olaudah Equiano Poetry Prize (2002) and the Festival of Peace Poetry Award (2005) organized by the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. I am the author of a collection of poetry, The Cornwoman of Jurare and Other Poems (2007).

My books The Wrestling of Jacob, Praying Dangerously: the Cry of Blind Bartimaeus, and Death and Suicide In Selected African Plays, are available at Amazon and select bookstores.

My play, Egue Eghae, is ready for the stage.

I also write stories for children. My Yoruba background and encounter at the age of 21 with the poetry of John Donne and William Shakespeare influenced my creative writings. I love listening to music and taking a lone walk in a beautiful landscape. I love watching the stars in the sky at night!

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