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Unblossomed Youths

by Channie Greenberg

Youths that never as much as blossom, skip puckishness for wane expressions,
Hurt themselves, cause light to vanish, crofts to shrink, blighted kittens to cry.
Even when resounding like outsized caches of disheartened Komodo dragons,
Beasts manifesting scapular injuries, bad haircuts, chipped lacquer, deprivation,
Those sods weep, profess no basis to remain present with babies’ knick-knacks,
Wiggle into impossible fissures, shoot firecrackers high, then higher, perchance,
Impact news briefs (lacking all manner of expensive bodkins, pearls, ink pens),
Unbosom tattle, create small change, make wee alterations in trendy thoughts.
Cantankerous persons don’t always choose measured means of hatching plans;
Few of them seem adequately prepared to yield determination of books’ titles.

Meanwhile, adolescents’ plagues still discombobulates imperative instructions,
Effected children continue to function against the immolation of their beloveds,
Causing them to leave, post haste, by back staircases set in hidden washrooms.
Alternately, youngsters take ill from weepy puppy dog tails’ forced extensions,
Entrails of mercy, compassion, empathy, as well as decency gone widdershins.
Few return to formulate stunted remedies supporting Camp Happy’s strictures,
None offer picture displays in restaurants, tender orreries aglitter with planets,
Sit under grand, canopied trees during boreal sightings or regular thunderstorms.
“It’s not always possible to buy out of difficulties,” underlings uneasily preach.
“Not a single person ceaselessly overcomes all elevated experts’ throughput.”

Likewise, few create viable goods for military’s peregrination/pseudepigrapha.
Juveniles are not designed to darn work from scientific collectives’ senescence.
Granted, fashionistas accustomed to cat litter bags do advance social standing
If they’re perceived as reinforcing norms, empowering rulers’ sustainable roles.
Mithering enquiries about subclauses in subsidiary rights, after all, rots outright.
Sleep-deprived mothers, oblivious to alarms, wakeup chimes, patrol car sirens,
Glockenspiels, carillons, plus whistles, appreciate less apropos piercing signals
Than misters seeking permanent jobs featuring yield analysis, biological research,
Financial services or the pharmaceutical industry (lest graciously incommoded).
Know, Macedonian cookery removes drivel, tasks nearly all defective locums.

Copyright © 2017 by Channie Greenberg

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