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Sneering at Womanizing Linguistics

by Channie Greenberg

Womanizing language, all acrolein, ablate turns of phrase,
Those ill-fated suborning terms, eventually gets doomed by social fashion.
After aggrandized self-worth’s misogynous bullies, serve monsters that prey,
Lunch on sufferers of emotional incontinence, corrugated mentations, hysteria.
Perfidious pop rhetoric, chimerae grown from social estivating,
Morphs spoken intercourse’s amphisbaena into cold-bloody, scaly perishables.

Such texts invent saturated sriraclta verbs, sessile nouns, greige adjectives,
Mean to create thralls out of otherwise liberated, critical thinking females.
Propose to place ladies, like matryoshka dolls, to reave, or otherwise to stove,
Their machismo brio, played off of feint-warped self-esteem,
Declares, “that’s not my damage” while tooting dislike of girls and women.
Prove that select individuals exist as nothing more than dondering idiots, toilet tissue.

Obstreperous chaps, oblivious to ifrits of fixed values, compensate,
Counterweight their lack of corporeal chipolatas with spiteful thoughts, worse words.
Sibilant orators, those disempowered dilatants, avoid important gatherings
Desideratum sharpens their linguistic advantage, cyberspace chats make ’em wiggle.
Consider that divisive critters, built from press releases, read athwart, not by columns.
They’re lubricated, most often, by copious amounts of champagne, maybe fentanyl.

Funny thing, such masters of l’art du déplacement rarely get invited out, yet alone in.
Limitations form automatically around screed. Girlfriend and her sister are far from stupid.
All things considered, suasory depredation continue no higher,
No more elevated, than gum wads, mauls, or ball peen hammers.
Political churls, men who prevaricate when confronted, remain
No more useful than do sheep nadgers, tree spinach, consanguineous cousins.

Copyright © 2017 by Channie Greenberg

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