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Olgoi Khoskhoi

by Richard Stevenson

Olgoi Khoskhoi,
Mongolian Death Worm
At your service!

No need to get nervous.
If I wanted you dead
all I’d have to do

is rear up cobra-like
and spit on you.
You’d be pink acid foam.

Welcome to the Gobi!
As you can see,
I’m not really a worm,

but a reptile
with no legs
and a terrible headache.

Oh voi, Olgoi,
you gotta take
better care of yourself.

All this humping
through desert sand
to rear up in your path...

I’m runnin’ out of spit!
Two feet long, headless,
thick and dark red?

Really? Tremor’s
Hollywood version has me
spittin’ out extra heads.

Snagging you off your pegs
with little snapping
turtle head tentacles.

Look out, Bill Cosby!
Here comes an intestinal
parasite to end all parasites...

Even an antacid
the size of a moon
can’t quell my fire!

Copyright © 2016 by Richard Stevenson

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