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Challenge 691

Where’s His Daddy?

  1. In Channie Greenberg’s “Right-Sided,” what does “right-sided” refer to?

  2. In Richard Stevenson’s “Olgoi Khoskhoi,” what does Bill Cosby have to do with anything?

  3. In Charles C. Cole’s “My Gypsy Mother”:

    1. How does Cliff react to the revelation that the couple he thought were his parents had actually rented him?
    2. How does he feel about possibly extending the lease on his own? Does he seem to feel any curiosity about his natural parents? In what way does the story tell us how he feels about his adoptive parents?
    3. How might some readers react to this story when they’ve been adopted and have spent years trying to locate their birth parents?
  4. In A. Elizabeth Herting’s “The Boys of Little Round Top”:

    1. What men does James Lee find to admire?
    2. Why does he feel compelled to go to the past to find them rather than look for them in the present?
    3. Why might he feel attracted to a “lost cause”? Does James ever really know what he’s fighting for?
    4. How can James die in both the past and the present?
    5. Bonus question: How does the story compare to the plot of Ward Moore’s classic novel Bring the Jubilee?

Responses welcome!

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