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Back to the World

by James Shaffer

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Table of Contents
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16: Ed Will Waits for News

It was mid-afternoon on day two. Ed and Bryan were having a beer in Ed’s living room when the phone rang. Ed grabbed it mid-ring. He wasn’t good at waiting for news.


“Ed, it’s Harry.”

“What you got for me, Harry?”

“Our man at the bus station hit paydirt. A guy fitting Tom’s description bought three bus tickets. The ticket agent said his face looked like he’d hit a brick wall.”

Ed chuckled. “Bryan’s blackjack could do that.” Then he thought for a second. “Three tickets? Where to?”

“Miami, Las Vegas, Wichita. Don’t make sense. Wichita’s too close. The others are far away,” Harry answered.

Ed thought some more. “Wait a minute. I’ve known the Piper family a long time. I think they have kin up in Kansas somewhere. I’m sure of it.”

“What do you want me to do?” Harry asked.

Ed made a decision. “Tell you what. Pull the guys off the route east and send them to Wichita. We’re gonna catch Tom with his pants down. He won’t know we’re comin’.”

“Will do, Ed. They’re supposed to check in with me in the next half hour. I’ll let them know.”

“What do you hear from the guys going west?” asked Ed.

“They’re due to call in the next hour,” Harry answered.

“Tell them to call me at this number after you talk to them. You get on those other guys and send them north.”

“OK, Ed.” Harry hung up.

Ed put down the phone and picked up his beer.

“What’s the word, boss?” asked Bryan.

“I think we got a line on Tom. Things may work out. We’ll see.” Ed sat back on the sofa.

Bryan was in a vengeful mood. “I’d like to get hold of that son of his. Use that bat on him.”

Ed relaxed a little. “Things are looking up, Bryan. You’ll have your chance. All in good time, son. All in good time.”

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