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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 25: Denial

I sat glued to my chair. So riveting was the revelation about my mentor that I felt I’d been kicked in the stones. Though I was appalled by Raom’s plan for the world, I did not want to accept the truth about my idol and I felt angry Adrian had deceived me.

Everything I wanted to believe about Nacroanus was based on my admiration for him. My imaginings had little to do with reality. I did not want to acknowledge the truth about his methods in this heinous blueprint for mankind. Denial is the mirror of the blind.

The lecture hall emptied. Only Adrian, Mindy, and I remained. Adrian walked with Mindy towards the door, and I approached him from behind.

“Why did you never tell me about your vision of perfection, Dr. Nacroanus? You used me as a pawn in your delusions of grandeur.”

He turned slightly, and addressed Mindy. “If you’ll excuse us, my dear, Dr. Neumann and I have some business to discuss.”

She lowered her head. “Yes, of course, Adrian, I’ll see you this evening.” She looked longingly into his eyes and then walked out of the chamber.

Nacroanus faced me, his features devoid of expression. “I don’t answer to anyone but the Council, Dr. Neumann. I am unquestionably the most powerful man on this earth. You must understand: my age or my ideology has nothing to do with our relationship as colleagues.”

A feeling of betrayal surged through me. “That’s where you’re wrong, Dr. Nacroanus. Regardless of your personal history, the depravity of our research should have been revealed to me. You never explained to me that the plasma was developed at the expense of human lives. What about the animals that were sacrificed? Why was it necessary?”

He shook his head. “Rodney, my dear misguided son, you never cease to amuse me with the flowery designs you hold about the mechanics of the human heart. You want to establish a connection with something that cares nothing for you. I am not like you. I am a scientist. I don’t have to lie. I overcame the liability of conscience long ago. I reveal only what is necessary. From there, people form their own opinions based on what they want to believe.

“The animals are of no consequence, and the humans of little. Every man of any worth understands the refined philosophy of collateral damage and uses it to justify any form of progress.

“Ideals are the reason we slaughtered the Indians, the Aborigines, untold millions of Eurasians, and anyone else that has stood in our way. This is reality, boy, not some feel-good hymn sung by a choir in a little white church. Why can’t you understand good and evil serve the same purpose in this dimension?

“Until we control every human and possess everything of value on this planet, there will be perpetual conflict. Anyone who does not conform to the new and perfect reality we offer will be annihilated. It is the hallmark of negative entities to pit good against evil and evil against good. We control both sides to make sure war and suffering will remain forever unchanged.”

“Is there nothing sacred, Adrian? Surely there must be something on this earth that is holy?”

Adrian’s face wrinkled to a mask of threatening lines and furrows. “There is nothing holy in Mammon’s universe except money and power. We are here to take all of any value and exploit as much Light as we can from the conditioned minds of the hypnotized zombies. We cannot lose because we are not bound by love, honor, mercy, ethics, or any of the other weaknesses that inhibit those with a conscience. Nor are we fettered by the chains of the emotional body.We fight to win, and we always win, no matter what it takes.”

He paused for a minute and folded his hands behind his back. “Picture a man panning for gold. I had to sift through a lot of sand to find the nugget we now know as Eternulum. But the reward, for us, will be worth far more than the lives we destroyed.”

I listened to him rant as if I were dreaming. Not a shred of humanity in him, and yet he spoke with such authority and conviction, I almost believed him.

“I’m going to tell you something because it can no longer harm me. The formula was effective in me because I am a mutant. My genetic makeup contains an extra x chromosome. Usually the xxy is expressed as a malady known as Kleinfelter’s Syndrome. But the symptoms of the disorder did not manifest dominant in me. Certain physical characteristics of the gene are apparent, but the hereditary effects were most beneficial for me.”

I knew about Kleinfelter’s. It answered a number of questions about Adrian’s feminine characteristics. “What do you mean ‘beneficial’?” I asked.

“In lieu of animal masculinity, I was born gifted with superior intellect,” he said. “My mind is a miracle, an intellectual dynamo found in only one out of a hundred million people. Haven’t you ever wondered why I’ve never documented any of our research?”

I’d never really questioned it. I kept meticulous detailed records accounting for every minute I spent in the lab. My computer hard drives held countless files of raw mathematical data, statistics, and whiz-bang equations I’d concocted in the moment. But now that he’d alluded to this trait of his, it dawned on me that Nacroanus never documented anything.

“I thought perhaps Mindy helped you with that sort of thing,” I said.

He fixed me with a cool eye. “Mindy is a pleasure to look at, but I wouldn’t trust her with my secrets or my deepest imaginings. She is a female, and flawed by design. I have a photographic memory. I can recall in detail every moment of every day I worked on the plasma over the course of the last one hundred years.

“The mind exists outside the organic gob of cellular collagen and mucous called the brain, Dr. Neumann. Every entity is connected to a socio-memory complex by an electromagnetic latticework that expands into infinity. No computer known to us at this time could hold all the raw data stored in the mind of a spit-dribbling idiot, let alone the towering mountain of knowledge that constitutes the framework of my intellect.

“The root of my genius flows from a higher dimension, as does yours. But you stubbornly cling to the positive. You’d better consider this well before it’s too late. I need you now, but my loyalty belongs to the Council.”

The tone of his voice troubled me. I looked into his eyes, and he did not blink.

“That doesn’t justify the needless cruelty and loss of life,” I said. “If the plasma produced the desired results in you, everything we did was nothing but a sadistic act of cowardice.”

The blood drained from his face, and a blue vein inflated in his forehead. An invisible line had been crossed. I braced myself for the tempest of his fury.

“What is it you can’t understand, you bleeding idealist? The protein interaction could not be carried out on any life form but the xx, xy, human genetic blueprint. The formula was effective on me in the early days because of my abnormal genotype, but it was toxic and destructive to the sequence of genes contained in the normal chromosome.”

A face ignited with rage and trail of spit followed in the wake of his words. “We needed the human specimens to refine the plasma. The animals were the equivalent of mixing bowls in which we concocted the recipe.”

His chest heaved, and his eyes burned, but he lowered his voice as if aware of his rage. “If you are to survive in our world, you need to separate yourself from all other life forms. The body of a slave is nothing but a casing of meat filled with desires, lust, and nonsense, just as it was designed to be when Mammon altered the genetic blueprint of apes eighteen million years ago to create the counterfeit beings and lure the theomorphic consciousness to a physical prison.

“The bloodlines of souled beings, robots, and demons are now so polluted, it’s difficult to tell them apart. This was Mammon’s greatest accomplishment. It’s the true Light beings we are after. The others we already own and they have little more value than disposable software. We program them as we please. They contain no Divine nucleus, and unlike Light beings, they have only one orbit of awareness.

“Light beings are created by the Absolute. They are the rarest and most valuable treasure in the entire creation, and we intend to own them all. The counterfeit beings are programmed to torment them continually and wear them down until they surrender to us.

“Once conscience and will are abandoned, they have essentially relinquished the connection with the True Light Creator. But it is nearly impossible for a positive to do such a thing. An illusion must occur, something so powerful it annihilates the barrier of reason. Once that is done, the entity is ours.

“The illusion we will use to shatter the last barrier of their will is Belthaeous, who shall be reborn before their eyes as a messiah. Most of those we used for medical experiments were organic portals. But we had to sacrifice theomorphs as well. There was no other way to test the formula.”

Dr. Nacroanus took a deep breath and straightened his jacket. “Who do you think founded Genibolic, Rodney? It’s just a trademark. I own the entire corporation. I made my fortune back in the good old days when I cornered the market on coca alkaloid, opium, and laudanum, long before the whining positives temporarily destroyed our plans.

“We could have gained control of the earth then if the Aeons of Light had not stepped in and ruined our design. Nothing is as it seems, Rodney. Nothing is what you think it is. This is what I’ve been trying to instill in you since I brought you to Columbia University thirty-five years ago.”

There it was. The tip of an iceberg I’d always known intuitively. “What do you mean, ‘brought me to Columbia’?”

Adrian waved his hand. “Enough. We have more important things to attend to. The orange ray must be stabilized to my satisfaction. Meet me in the lab in one hour. We have much to do.”

I protested. “I haven’t been home in a month, Dr. Nacroanus. I really need to look in on my family.”

A wry smile formed on his face. “And you won’t be home until I allow you that privilege,” he barked. “Really, Rodney, you need to work on your prevarication skills. To be a great asset to darkness, you must be able to lie so well that you believe what you’re saying is true.

“Without that ability, you will never be successful at anything. It’s the power of conformity that creates reality, and any person who even considers what is contrary to overwhelming mind control is labeled delusional. That is why Earth is a hell world. It is an illusion based on corrupted knowledge.

“Your little friend Heidi can wait. I’ll only humor you so far. Please don’t insult my intelligence. If you continue to toy with me, it could have dire consequences. Now get moving. We have precious little time.”

I lowered my head and walked back to my room. I asked the orderly for a cellphone. When he returned, he shot me an icy glance and handed me the phone.

It rang twice. Her voice cut through the gloom. “Rodney I’ve been so worried about you. Why haven’t you called me?”

“I’m sorry, Heidi. I told you this would take a while. I’ve missed you.”

“It’s been nearly two months. I’ve missed you awful.”

“It’s not over yet.”

“Do you need to get off, honey?”


“Just the thought of you makes me wet. Your voice is better than nothing.”

“It will have to wait. There’s three thousand miles between us.”

“Talk to me, baby. Pretend you’re inside me. Just loosen up and let yourself go.”

“I can’t do this, Heidi. It’s too awkward.”

“What about me, honey? Just a little of you is all I need.”

“Heidi. I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’m sorry. I don’t think I could do this if I wanted to. Please don’t ask me to.”

She giggled. “Oh, you’re so inhibited, honey. I think that’s one reason I adore you. There’s something about you that’s indomitable. You are my knight... my life.”

“I don’t have a lot of time. I’m in the middle of something I can’t fathom. I wish I could share it with you, but it’s impossible to believe. I can hardly believe it myself. You know my situation. We’ve discussed this.”

“I love you, Rodney.”

“I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“We need to talk, honey.”

“I know.”

“It will be so good when you get here. I promise.”

“A week, ten days tops, Heidi. I can’t talk here. I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“I love you, Rodney.”

“I’m trapped here, Heidi. I don’t want you harmed. I have to go.” I ended the call.

I changed into a set of scrubs and a lab coat. Before I left for my cell, I looked in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw. I could hide no longer. I’d have to choose. I thought about God, I thought about Mammon, I thought about suicide. There is no suicide, only temporary regression.

I felt for the Eye. It lay cool as stone on my thigh. The chips were down, and there was nothing to cling to but the bile in my guts and the grit in my heart. I wondered why my life had been so wrought with situations for which there were no solution. I cursed my life and regretted that I’d ever been created.

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