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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 26: A Revelation

When I entered the lab, Nacroanus sat gazing at the Avatar. His fingers sequenced information on the keyboard of the mainframe computer. It seemed Adrian had aged, and he looked haggard and worn. When he saw me, he pointed with his chin to the seat next to him. I walked over and sat down.

Technicians had inserted what looked like thin needles into his skull; each one seemed to connect at a specific meridian. Wires no thicker than a thread trailed from these transits like the vipers of Medusa. Even the nape of his had been pierced with electrodes.

The wires converged into a connective interface that interacted with the operating system. The telemetry served as an exterior blueprint of the Avatar’s nervous system.

Blue and green sine waves danced on the LCD revealing all the biophysical, electromagnetic, and etheric information we could know about the obtunded deity.

“We have three weeks, five days, thirteen hours, and counting to establish pseudo-consciousness with Belthaeous, Dr. Neumann. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Opening a portal to another dimension is a fairly simple procedure if one understands the physics involved.

“The problem lies not in resurrecting the deity. The challenge is that we must protect it from the full spectrum of Infinite Intelligence. We cannot leave anything to chance. The Chronicle is not clear about the psychic state of the Avatar when it entered hypercosmic intermission.”

“I’m not sure what you’re saying, Adrian. Why can’t we increase orange-ray amplitude and allow the Avatar to enter a twilight sleep?”

He rested his elbow on the desk and rubbed his lips with his finger. “I thought about that, but I won’t allow it. At one time, Belthaeous was a high-voltage entity. The scrolls are not clear about what level of awareness he descended from, nor am I certain which polarity he served.

Awakening him too quickly could prove to be disastrous. Who knows what knowledge lies buried in the ancient synapses of his brain? At this juncture, I cannot safely increase the entity’s level of consciousness.

“Belthaeous has no verbal or motor skills at this time. That is perfectly normal, and that’s not what worries me. Take a look at this.”

Adrian disconnected the coupling and we walked over to a panel on the wall. Several cranial MRI negatives hung like shadowed topographs on the light box.

“I grew concerned when I discovered the Avatar’s brain is abnormal in its proportions,” Adrian said. “The cerebellum is atrophied, and the frontal lobe is disproportionately large when compared to the rest of the organ. This suggests a highly developed intellect. However, this particular characteristic is not what alarmed me.”

I stared at the furrowed mass of collagenous tissue. “I understand what you’re saying. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. All the areas associated with the somatic function and physiology are shriveled beyond recognition, as if they had no purpose. Only the areas of creative intelligence are recognizable.”

“That’s correct,” Nacroanus said. “The lobes of that control abstract thought, understanding, reason, and higher functions are highly developed, even distorted. But there is a far more sinister implication hidden in these negatives. Come, have a look at this.”

We walked over to the Avatar, and Nacroanus flashed on the Xenoscope. He calibrated the instrument in the ultraviolet spectrum, and I stared in wonder at the fluorescing energies surging inside the Angel’s body.

Belthaeous sat like a like a corpse in advanced stages of rigor mortis. The cryogenic thaw had proceeded remarkably well, and his features looked perfectly preserved. He reminded me of a graven image made of wax.

“As you can clearly see, the orange ray has been established. The force is vibrant and exceeds all expectations I had about its affinity for Belthaeous. It is clear the energy has penetrated the entity’s heart. This is of no consequence. Belthaeous could not have risen to the power of an Aeon unless he’d mastered the forces of the orange ray intelligence.

“The heart is the throne of the emotional body and the seat of all cognition; everything flows from the heart. Emotions are more powerful than truth, and the emotional body has served Mammon well.

“The problem we now face is that I cannot allow the full spectrum of Infinite Intelligence to enter his mind. Only specific areas of its brain can be awakened.”

He picked up a pointer and circled a tiny organelle that sat atop the brainstem. “It’s called the pineal gland or vestigial eye. As long as it remains blinded by compartmentalization, it is nothing but a harmless gob of tissue. A normal pineal gland is no larger than a pea. If you notice, the Avatar’s pineal is at least ten times the normal size.”

“Yes, I see that,” I said.

He increased the luminance in the light box. “Look closer. The pineal receives the greatest blood flow of any organ in the body. It is composed of the same tissue as the eye and contains rods and cones within its structure. Typically the pineal is irrigated by two small arteries that enter from its dorsal aspect. But in this case there are four arterioles that carry blood to its chamber.”

“It’s no bigger than a grape. Of what harm can it be?” I asked.

“The pineal has great significance, Dr. Neumann. It is sometimes referred to as the third eye. It is the gate to higher consciousness and to more refined and condensed electromagnetic frequencies. The pineal controls the sympathetic nervous system and is the direct portal to the Infinite Intelligence. Why do you think the Vatican holds a monument dedicated to this anatomical structure?”

“What do you mean?”

He smiled. “Mystery is the heart of treachery, my son. One day you’ll understand.”

“Even if what you’re saying is true, of what significance is it to us?” I asked.

“The vestigial eye must not be stimulated. If the entire spectrum of the True Light penetrates the pineal, the Avatar will be able to act of its own volition, and this cannot be allowed to happen.

“The Chronicle of Belthaeous warns us that this prophecy would not arrive in time-space chronological sequence accurate or complete. The Avatar wrote:

And they shall enter my heart and devour my will. My throne shall burn to shadow. The graven image they shall worship. I will play the whore against them. Yea, the Eye shall deliver those of Light from the tribulation.

“The verse is garbled. It makes no sense,” I said.

“Yes, I agree, it’s very symbolic. Belthaeous predicts his resurrection and seems to understand our plans for him. But if, somehow, he were to obtain this ‘Eye’ he writes about, I might not be able to control him even within the confines of the neurogenic straitjacket.

“From what I can ascertain, this artifact he speaks of is the key to the power of his will. This is a terrible curse for me, because I don’t like to make decisions based on instinct or intuition. Since no one knows the whereabouts of the Eye or its purpose, I must proceed without it.

“We have to be very careful. The scripture about the Eye has always troubled me, but never more so than now. We are at the brink, Dr. Neumann, the point at which the slightest error in judgment can become a turning point that cannot be altered. It is always in the fine detail that the secrets are revealed, and the ruse is accomplished.

“It is possible, very possible that a mole could be hiding in our ranks. Someone that understands the purpose of the Eye, someone who may even have possession of it.” He looked at me coolly and my stomach churned.

His face grew dark and his head trembled. He walked over to a bench and swept a rack of condensers to the floor where they shattered to pieces.

In a passionate voice he cried, “Why do you always look so disconcerted?! Don’t you understand what this means? This icon could sabotage our mission. None of this has been rehearsed, and not even Mammon completely controls the future. He simply stacks everything in his favor, reducing the odds. But there is always a wild card, something unforeseen in the form of Light that has tremendous power to block and even destroy his will.

“The Chronicle claims Belthaeous migrated to the dark side, but we cannot be sure. The celestial lickspittle Jerus opened a number of disturbing possibilities. I would have to accept what is written on faith, and as a scientist I can’t do that.

“If the positive energy activates the vestigial eye, a great cataclysm could occur. I must assume the Eye can open a portal from the Matrix maybe even to the Infinite Intelligence. I’m not taking any chances.”

Adrian paused. His chest heaved, and beads of sweat dotted his forehead. After years of working with him I’d grown to understand his mood swings. They ended almost as quickly as they detonated.

When I felt it was safe to speak, I asked, “How can we proceed? It is nearly impossible to know the mind of another, especially a dead man.”

“There is only one way we can be sure the vestigial eye remains blinded. I have to enter the Avatar’s mind. Since you are the only person on the planet that I trust, I’m going to allow you to assist me. Once I meld with the Angel’s psyche, you will increase orange ray amplitude to the level supported by your equations.”

“That’s too dangerous,” I said. “I am not certain that I’ll be able to rescue you from the abysmal mind of this entity. At this juncture we’re dealing with little more than an artificial intelligence.

“If I am unable to capture your energy in the reverse magnetic polarity, your etheric body will be trapped in the mind of Belthaeous. You will remain in a coma until the electron transport system of your physical body degenerates, and you will both die. Psychic transference is extremely dangerous even without the aid of magnetic resonance. To amplify the procedure is foolhardy and filled with danger.”

Adrian’s eyes softened, and he lowered his gaze. “If I fail Mammon or the Council, a fate such as that would be preferable to what they would do to me. I have no choice, Rodney. I must meld with Belthaeous, and you must help me. There is no other way to shield the pineal from the complete spectrum of Light.”

For the first time in his life, Adrian reached forth and took my hand in his. It felt cold and smooth, like the touch of a statue. “I’m not a psychic, Rodney. I can’t read your mind. I know you lean towards the positive. You’re not stupid. You know who I am and what I represent.

“With an act of your will, you could destroy everything we’ve worked for and set back the will of Mammon by several decades. But it would amount to little more than the efforts of Hercules when he battled the Hydra. With each head he severed from the beast, two more grew back.

“Remember, Rodney, Mammon owns this sector of the material realm. He cannot be totally defeated in his material dimension. There is only one choice in this density: a man is of the Light or Darkness. There is no middle ground.”

Adrian’s grip remained locked as if he were clinging to something precious, lest it slip away.

“It’s time you learned about your past, Rodney. Once you understand what I’m about to reveal, I know you will do what you must. I’ve followed you since the day of your birth. I know your heart, and I know you will not destroy me. You are flesh of my flesh... I am your father.”

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