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Over the years, Bewildering Stories has done an excellent job in maintaining a balance that is careful not to upset any specific group of readers. One knows that each individual contributor or reader has his or her own set of opinions on a variety of political, social, and religious agendas.

BwS is not a blog, where one can set out to insult or to draw someone’s emotions into heated debate regardless of cause. It is about the craft of writing, sharing the stories, and improving ourselves within this artistic realm.

That being said, sometimes silence echoes itself deafeningly by being silent in the first place. President Obama’s lack of appearance in Paris or comment echoed far and wide. Your editorial today is both well written, well put, and well said.

Sherman Smith

Thank you, Sherman! As we like to say, “A good word goes a long way.” If we’ve been doing our job well, that is something to be proud of.

We don’t normally talk about current events because we are neither a blog nor a news magazine. However, Bewildering Stories does not have a policy of neutrality. Everyone is expected to speak frankly on all matters of concern to us.

L’affaire Charlie is of concern to us. An attack on free speech is an attack on everyone. Who’s the next target? The pope? The New York Times? Bewildering Stories? You? Anyone reading this message now?

Charlie Hebdo is a classic example of “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The quote has been attributed to Voltaire, but no record of it has been found, as far as I know. It’s the sort of thing he could and, perhaps, should have said even if he didn’t.

Now, taking off my editor’s green eyeshade and speaking solely for myself, I think President Obama was wise not to go to Paris, for several reasons. But an official presence might have been a respectful touch for the occasion. The best idea I’ve heard yet for a national representative: Michelle Obama.

Thanks again, Sherman, and keep up the good work.

Don Webb
Managing Editor
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