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Not Partial to the Purple Falcon

by Channie Greenberg

I’m not partial to the purple falcon
Hanging nearly table height from
Fixtures half-filled with dead bulbs.

Likewise, paying our butcher
For three extra chickens — “Make
Them charity,” I directed — did
Nothing to resurrect my Nana.

The graffiti artist, who also builds
Montages in eldercare palaces,
Similarly, died from an aneurism
(Though he usually wagged to our dog,
Canine sensibilities failed to save him).

Keep in mind, this generation of hackers
Grasps convergent media’s whistles, bells,
Fairy dust, also eats shoes for breakfast.
Stout constitutions currently rank among
Requirements for IT work. Employers care
Less about skill with algorithms or code.

After the kitten bumped against her legs,
My neighbor saw only fur and friendship.
Baby cat drool’s a better philter than all
Spanish flies for misandrous women.
Tranche pays bills, but buys no happiness.
Even in far-flung taigas, love fills nearly
All vessels, but usually provides no hugs.

Copyright © 2014 by Channie Greenberg

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