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About Those Codfish

by Channie Greenberg

About those codfish,
All that swishing to milt,
Blood-filled viscera expanding,
Shootings of sticky promises:
Tomorrow. Later. The future.

About those taxes,
Officials gurning constantly,
Fiduciary ephemera floating merely,
Shorthand budgetary tumescence:
Striving. Leveling. Robbing.

About those lessons,
Handfuls of writing workshop students,
Ordinaries confusing refrains and avowals,
Quiescent prepubescent critters:
Compensating. Hiding. Bluffing.

About those asemic care providers,
Hornswoggling ideological miscegenations,
Confounders of concerned compatriots,
Voguing elite stumblers, plus bums:
Adjudicating. Beseeching. Dooming.

Copyright © 2014 by Channie Greenberg

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