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Mama’s Mundane Witnessing

by Channie Greenberg

St. Sebastian’s dachshund sniffs
Wide-eyed after pissing up Mrs. Shelly’s impatiens.
Strong-clawed back legs dig anemones; a clever front
Paw parts Shasta daisies.
I pick beer bottles from the lawn.

Cheryl’s baby crawls on
Cement grass. Mama supports a mechanic’s habit, soft curlers
Banana dabs, sometimes chocolate-ripple ribbons while tall
Flags flap in Mama’s mind.
Her sister, too, salutes armed services.

Mrs. O’Pickidy watches
Trash; pizza boxes, Trojan empties, days. Nights,
She bowls San Whatsies’ Town Girls’
Team versus Carmine’s House of Fashion.
Peter discounts lanes at nine.

The sidewalk half of the heart
Locket reminds children. Practice spelling.
Fractions build neon fences near
Grand buildings. Remember Uncle Elmer’s breakdown.
Superman’s new edition challenges the yuppies.

Copyright © 2011 by Channie Greenberg

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