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Search Light

by Thomas F. Wylie

How to keep it going?

upstream swim
inner path dig
and dig a little more
then move aside
step aside

attend to daily needs.

How to keep it going?

small beam of light
casting here and there
searching across
generations of darkness
and then

“Have you hired anyone yet?”

“Are the budgets completed?”

daytime shouts
dim the batteries
weaken the light
evaporate the search.

How to keep it going?

balance the feelings
on all sides
is this falling

from the fence of life?

a stew of carried images and
jammed-up words and phrases
now a caldron,
with chunks of
“to do” lists,
bills to pay and
trash to be readied for the dump.

How to keep it going?

up then down
all over again

gathering soaked-up images
thoughts and words,
shedding small rays of light
behind you
beside you
inside you
inside others

on and on and on
picking up more images
words and feelings.

How to keep it going?

Copyright © 2011 by Thomas F. Wylie

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