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Bewildering Stories

Thomas F. Wylie

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Tom Wylie has lived and worked in New England most of his life. Born in Albany, New York, he began his career as a teacher on the Island of Panay in the Philippines with the U.S. Peace Corps and followed it with service as a VISTA Volunteer in Waterloo, Iowa. He worked for several years as a community organizer prior to graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus. He has worked in higher education for 30 years at colleges in Boston, Maine and Rhode Island.

A life-long runner, he has completed twelve marathons, with a personal best of 3:02, and one ultra (50-mile) marathon. And he writes; 40+ years of journals, letters, observations, and academic papers. He holds a belief, similar to that attributed to Anais Nin, that writing through journaling is a “source of personal liberation.” In October 2014 he published Cold Car, a collection of his poems.

Copyright © 2011 by Thomas F. Wylie

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