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Bucking at Social Mores

by Channie Greenberg

Institutions change but slowly;
Anomie’s not grown
From jailhouse youth
Or propagated by rural attics.
Insolently, most social weaknesses arrive
Within folks which conformity’s failed to figure.

Such emotionally estranged, maybe even closeted
Persons, ignorant of collective “advancements,”
Mistakenly beholden themselves to custom
Until they’re incarcerated.
Their obliviousness is our fault;
We, the citizens, raised the limbo pole.

Communal behavior, upheld by most minions,
In times of war, famine, (Or, for elite,
During economic uncertainty or further threats to power),
Discredits people missing cooperative camouflage.
Alienation, isolation and loss pervade the underground.
Like fetid perfume, they’re reciprocally rancid.

Instinctively we move such champions
To the “nonstandard” column, where
Comprehensive reform promises enlightenment.
Thereafter, our safety gets reinforced by media campaigns.
It’s tough to abide the flagrant disregard of moral
Strictures, to witness freedom from convention.

Cowardliness remains a popular fashion.
Shared vulnerability withstands no
“Passing”; schoolchildren realize heroes’ bread
Often tastes salty, given the requisite tears. Such dough
Hurts more than rough-won trophies awarded for turning in
Varmints; long-range hunting still best suits us.

Copyright © 2011 by Channie Greenberg

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