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Casters of Pornographic Derision

by Channie Greenberg

Not merely villagers, all hot sun, cold ice, camel dung,
Dwellers among null and void, whose sly “veracities”
Power incidents more dangerous than corporate “oopses”
(Derivative of drugged managers focused on “finding themselves”)
Spin till lemmings’ frequent journey off precipices
Drive observers to oblivion, final wars, supernatural solutions,
Forsaken innocence; those captains bite to hurt.

Still, the cadence of the crescent remains favorably rated,
Continues on embraced by unmindful intellectual powers,
Plus news lines or other moot conflict resolutions
Bent on approximations, fixated with pretty pictures,
Enamored of ad campaigns, beset by natural resource worries,
Comforted by popular laziness, acedia, avarice.

It seems that people insistent on annihilation,
Before inspecting boarding passes,
Cause international fatalities faster than fish breed.
They spawn tribes of ill-advised “martyrs”
While coercing civilization toward blood lust.

Such poorly disguised tetchiness
Works drums, outrage, missiles, guns,
Calls suicide a means to more hostility,
Prejudice, war, maybe other global calamities.

Once our relevant topics get disputed, their passion
Reigns over our stampeding minions.
Masses falter.

Thereafter, casters of pornographic-level derision
Pause, look about, gasp. They didn’t know

They’d simply fade.

Copyright © 2010 by Channie Greenberg

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