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A Quick Sociology Lesson

by Channie Greenberg

The poor’s “muggers,” “welfare recipients,” “winos,” “bandits,”
When multiplied, by millions of euros, dollars, yen,
Evolve as “innovative, manipulators of stocks,”
Morph, via social magic, to “ritualized hedonists,”
Transform as “retreatists,” perhaps “bohemians.”

Money’s wishes grant “rebellious fascists’ roles”
To selves relaxing, satisfied, on coconut beaches.
Meanwhile, we middle class, become “embezzlers,”
“Resigned bureaucrats,” “skidding alcoholics,” and “anarchists.”
Our sandlot’s just picture postcards.

Recall: when abiding, also insolvent, “citizens” become “workers.”
In parallel, the rich weigh in as “civic leaders.”
We middles wash as “suburbanites,” all chips, dips, plus cocktail parties.
Charming hostesses, beautiful mates, perfect children,
Distinguish our class.

Sometimes, we can cut expenses, dine clandestinely,
Push our offspring to accept “occasional jobs,”
Defy social bankruptcy without extra government helpings.
Such propinquity to power almost sates us.
Otherwise, there’s unemployment checks.

Copyright © 2010 by Channie Greenberg

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