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I’m So Glad We Took Over

by Channie Greenberg

It used to be that
The breath and intelligence of life
Explored only rhetorical commands
To answer ingrates.
Nowadays, though,
Learning arrived at “too soon,”
International incommensurabilities.

Words have begun to swarm
Effects beyond local dominance.
Unimaginable retorts become
Not fictions but
“Facts on the ground.”
Beasts of size no longer seem
Wont to sputter,
Preferring to espouse instead

Answers spun past
Political apparati.
Commonplace casualties
Yelp toward our media’s
Voyeuristic lens, mirroring
“Idealism” while not surely building
Truths understood
By society’s top or bottom.

Such enviable texts embrace,
Like rows of tangled eyelashes;
They vibrate vacantly as their
Sound bites substitute
Authentic conceits, where convenient,
For compounded, nasty
Tendencies in governance.
I’m so glad we took over.

Copyright © 2009 by Channie Greenberg

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