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Challenge 363

Is This Going to Hurt?

  1. Bertil Falk’s “Apocalypse for a Dissociated Creator” borrows the style of the book of Revelation and the structural litany of Genesis. What might the choice imply?

  2. It may help to understand Ian Cordingley’s “We Are the Dead” by considering that it is written by a young Canadian in the political context of 2009 and that Canadian troops have taken proportionally heavy casualties in Afghanistan. How does the story reflect a segment of public opinion about the war?

  3. In Rochelle Potkar’s “The Guest,” what makes Jaggia an interesting character, one whom the reader can understand without sympathizing with him? How is the ending prepared?

  4. In Lily Mulholland’s “Dental Check”:

    1. What makes Eddie a desirable chromosome donor for the space aliens? Are they space aliens or something else?

    2. Altering Eddie’s army medical file and discharge papers will cause him problems, but will the strategy be effective in the long run? Can Eddie find no way to correct the forgery?

    3. Since Eddie has been rendred unconscious, does he need to be told what has actually happened?

    4. How have the space aliens conducted the “harvesting”? Does it really matter to Eddie?

    5. How does “Dental Check” differ significantly from Vicky Wootton’s “Baby Luck” in issue 235?

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