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It’s a Dragon Thing

by Anna Ruiz

Woosh!! The air above me vibrates with power, Woosh! Well, knock me to the ground o dim-witted Dragon, how many times do you have to circle ‘round?

My, what small wings you have for such a big ol’ scaly body! Do like your colours though, iridescent blue-green and silver. Matches my jade earrings, aren’t we a pair?

Poor thing, you must be getting old or you’ve been in too many battles. I see where you have quite a few missing pieces.

So what brings you here, dearest? It’s been quite a while since we met. Last time I was doing ‘princess’ or we were both doing the dragon thing. Ah, yes, I remember the dragon thing well, dragons sure know how to get it on, so to speak. Smiling eyes.

Please turn the other way, I hate that dragon breath, sulfur and all. So, darling after all this time, what do we have to talk about? You want to reminisce? Sure thing. I have a minute or two. Ah, yes you like to eat little girls who play head games... Didn’t you have trouble with that one, Sweetie? Seems like I took all the spark out of you when I laughed out loud and burned you to a crisp when you weren’t looking.

Copyright © 2006 by Anna Ruiz

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