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What’s in Issue 191

Novel Edgar Allan Poe may ace all his exams and still be thrown out of West Point. Working as an undercover agent for Lt. Robert E. Lee, Edgar stumbles into the Helvetians’ second arson plot. Eleanor disappears, but Zebulon inadvertently reveals a vital piece of information: Jack Alcott, Grim Legion, part 19; part 20; part 21.
New contributor B J Bourg presents Jared Broomfield with a dilemma. When his psychiatric medication runs out, is he a CIA agent or a gas station attendant? Wet Blade.

Paranormal investigator Rick Vargo is pursued by a mysterious enemy who doesn’t want him dead, exactly; just almost: S. Michael Leier, The Skull Hunter, The Kaining of Rick Vargo, part 1; part 2.

When the insurance adjuster comes calling, let Grandma put on a show with the cod liver oil — and don’t raise the window shades! Norman A. Rubin, The Great Train Accident.

William has been running all his life both for and from his cruel father: Carmen Ruggero, Marathon Under a Charcoal Sky, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

What if the National Security Agency tapped into space aliens’ television broadcasts and they’re just like ours? Red alert! Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, N(A)SA.

New contributor Ernest Wilkens replays a sequence of dreams within dreams that might yet save more than one world: Hyper-Logic.
New contributor Nick Ragusa has Ralph Lewis go right to the top with his question. Is it a law of physics that the red tape varies with the square of the distance? Calling God.

Anna Ruiz reminisces with a dragon in a prose poem: It’s a Dragon Thing.
Poetry Bob Church, Song of the Sun
Mary B. McArdle, Layette Dawn
Viacheslav Yatsko, Who is at Fault? ; The Yokers
We know well the heroes of legend: Odysseus, Tristan and the rest. Now it’s time to look at things from the ladies’ point of view: Tala Bar, The Love Goddesses Reflect.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes B J Bourg.
The Critics’
Kevin Ahearn writes about “Hero Cop Saves Cat
Jack Alcott writes about The Subconscious in Action.
Challenge Challenge 191 discusses Interlanguage.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Martha Wells, The Gates of the Gods.
Lewayne L. White reviews J. Espenson & G. Yeffeth, eds. Finding Serenity.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Random Neurons Firing

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